19 oktober 2020


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Secure Your DNS, Secure Your Network...

In 91% of all malware incidents DNS was used in the hacking process. Yet this basic protocol is often forgotten in the security strategy. Find out how EfficientIP can support you with management, automatization and security on the core building blocks of every modern hybrid network.

  1. Enhance Visibility – Get rich network context including IPAM and asset metadata about your network devices for clearer correlation of events.
  2. Protect Everywhere – Secure existing networks and your digital transformations, such as cloud, IoT and SD-WAN, using the foundational infrastructure you already have.
  3. Block Advanced Threats – Detect and block malware, ransomware, phishing, exploit kits, DNS-based data exfiltration, DGA, DNSMessenger, fast-flux attacks and more, using highly accurate threat intelligence and analytics-based on machine learning.
  4. Leverage Hybrid Security – Detect threats and block on or off premises to protect headquarters, data centers, branch locations, remote offices and roaming devices.
  5. Accelerate Threat Investigation – Automatically apply threat data from dozens of sources for faster investigation, increasing analyst effectiveness by 3x.
  6. Automate Incident Response – Reduce time to remediation by up to tow-thirds by leveraging two-way data sharing and security ecosystem integrations.
  7. Empower SOAR – Leverage rich contextual network data to empower SOAR platforms and easily extend integration to other security tools.
  8. Boost Operational Efficiency – Reduce the number of alerts to review and the noise from your firewalls.
  9. Unify Security Policy Enforcement – Improve overall security posture by leveraging aggregated, accurate threat intelligence date across your entire security stack.
  10. Improve ROI – Get more value from your existing investments and make your security stack more effective and efficient.

Please contact SWITCHPOINT NV/SA for additional information about DNS security.

  • Posted on 19/10/2020

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