We just released a new version of Amfivolia Managed Security Service with Recon functionality. (EN)

31 december 2020


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Amfivolia is a managed security service 100% fully offered and managed by SWITCHPOINT NV/SA. This exclusive managed security service offering is the result of combining Trusted Advisors with Disruptive Technology.

Our managed service aims to provide automated, continuous and intelligent security validation for your entire infrastructure. We test the strength of your security by simulating thousands of real cyber attacks across all attack vectors (full kill chain from email, web, WAF, phishing, endpoint, lateral movement to data exfiltration) of your entire infrastructure, based on different attack methods and AI.

In other words we are one of the first parties in BE to fully have automated the security audit & pen testing story. The benefits of this exclusive managed security service is multiple for many companies on the market.

Did you ever lie awake at night asking yourself the following questions:

  • How secure is our company at the moment?
  • How effective are my actual security solutions in place?
  • Where is my company the most vulnerable?
  • Are we protected against the latest threats?
  • How do I prioritize the company's resources?
  • How can I convey risk to the board?
  • How can I more rapidly validate compliance?
  • Etc…?

With Amfivolia you can easily and quickly gain insight into your security posture, any time – all the time. No more waiting for reports. No more speculating if you're resilient to the latest threats. Get immediate visibility into cyber stance across your digital estate, on-demand or continuously reducing your risk profile.

Recon functionality (NEW):
Amfivolia Recon vector automates cyber-intelligence gathering, analysis and risk rating providing businesses guidance to reduce their attack surface.

Our Recon vector continuously scans the internet for information that an adversary can find and use before launching an actual attack. The module can scan for intelligence on your company, 3rd party supply chain or a target for a merger or acquisition (consent may be required). It searches for application and infrastructure vulnerabilities, sub-domains, web misconfigurations, open ports, leaked credentials, compromised passwords, Darknet presence, employee emails, and other exploitable intelligence that an attacker may use to their advantage.

Recon findings are presented in a comprehensive report listing a complete view of the findings discovered outside of your organization with a risk assessment score. Security teams may then take the appropriate measures to reduce their cyber exposure by applying actionable mitigation recommendations.

CLICK HERE to download our datasheet and learn more about SWITCHPOINT NV/SA managed security service Amfivolia.

  • Posted on 31/12/2020

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