14 december 2020


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Never question where your assets are or how they're secured again.

SWITCHPOINT NV/SA is pleased to announce an active partnership with cyber security asset specialist Axionus as from 2021. The addition of Axonius is a logical choice to complement SWITCHPOINT NV/SA cyber security solution portfolio with a missing part solving one of the least sexy problem in cyber security... Asset Management.

Why Axonius:
It’s 2020-2021, and security teams are still spending time and manual effort trying to understand the assets they have, whether those assets are secure, and whether they adhere to or deviate from their security policies. Axonius mission is to give customers a comprehensive and always up-to-date asset inventory, uncover security gaps, and automate as much of the manual remediation work as customers wants. When organizations stop spending time on manual asset management tasks, they're able to take on the high-value cybersecurity initiatives that highly trained and skilled cybersecurity professionals love doing.

Get with Axonius answers to "simple" questions such as:

  • How do you discover rogue, ephemeral, and unmanaged devices?
  • How do you verify that you have a complete and compliant deployment of your security solutions? 
  • What is the process your team goes through to attempt to get an accurate asset inventory? 
  • How can you ensure accuracy and hygiene of CMDB data?

Use Axionus to:

Maximize your security coverage:
Axonius identifies devices that are missing security agents, vulnerability scans, and more so that you can protect your entire attack surface.
Find Devices Missing Security Controls
It’s difficult to confirm that all devices, especially newly provisioned ones are covered by controls like endpoint protection. Axonius makes it simple to ensure that all devices have required security agents and are running updated versions.
Ensure Comprehensive Vulnerability Management 
Your vulnerability assessment tools are great at finding risk for the devices they’re running on — but what about the ones they’re missing? Axonius automatically discovers workstations, servers, cloud instances, and other devices that aren’t being properly scanned.
Identify Cloud Instances with Public IPs
At today’s speed, it’s common for some cloud instances to be erroneously left open to the internet. Axonius finds and alerts you to all instances with a public-facing IP address so you can quickly mitigate the risk.

Key benefits of Axonius:

Reduce mean time to inventory:
Axonius correlates data from all sources to provide an up-to-date inventory of all unique assets. This single source of truth gives security teams a clear, consistent picture of their asset inventory without the need for constant manual audits.

Automate security policy enforcement: The Axonius Security Policy Enforcement Center addresses assets that don’t adhere to your security policies. Security enforcement sets can be customized for any condition to notify personnel, enrich data, or remediate incidents automatically. 

Seamless deployment and management: Axonius is agentless — no endpoint or network agent is needed. Even customers with more than a million devices and more than 50,000 employees still deploy Axonius as a single virtual appliance to get complete visibility into their assets.

Bring your data into focus with an ecosystem of solutions: Make the most of your current tools and democratize your data. The Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform integrates seamlessly with 293 (and counting) security, management, and business solutions, including Active Directory, cloud providers like AWS, endpoint protection tools, network access control solutions, mobile device management, vulnerability assessment tools, and more.

Axonius is the cybersecurity asset management platform that lets IT and Security teams see devices for what they are in order to manage and secure all. Interested in seeing what Axonius can do for your organization?

  • Feel free to CONTACT SWITCHPOINT NV/SA we'll be more than happy to help you further.
  • Have a look at this 2 min. introduction video of CEO and Co-Founder Dean Sysman explaining why asset management is still a problem in cyber security, and how Axonius is helping to solve the asset management challenge.
  • Pre-register for our planned Axonius webinar that is going to take place next month.
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  • Posted on 14/12/2020

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