Attacks Happen. Breaches Don’t Have To. Take the SWITCHPOINT Security Lifecycle Review Today. (EN)

25 januari 2018


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It’s better to avoid a security breach — than hunt for excuses afterwards.

When network security is breached, many companies scrabble around for answers. Who’s to blame? What did they do? Will it happen again? But by then it’s often too late and the damage can be devastating.

We’ve already seen huge fines from public sector companies subject to data breaches. For small and medium size firms, the problems can even be terminal – over 60% of companies that experience a data loss go out of business after 6 months.

So how do you find out what’s really happening with your network traffic?

  • Can you see exactly what’s happening on your network at any given time?
  • Do you know how many applications you’re running, and who is using them?
  • Do you know how many threats – known and unknown are attacking your network?

CLICK HERE to download an example of the SLR report.

We run a Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) in partnership with Palo Alto Networks that will clearly show you:

  • Which applications are in use, including SaaS apps, URL traffic, content types and the potential risks to exposure
  • Specific details on ways adversaries are attempting to breach your network, including known and unknown threats
  • Comparison data for your organisation, versus that of your industry peers
  • Actionable intelligence – key areas you can focus on immediately to reduce your risk exposure

You can CONTACT US at any time to request an SLR. We’d be pleased to provide you with extra visibility through an SLR report.

Already an existing Palo Alto Networks customer? We’ll always look after your best interests. But things change all the time in cybersecurity, so make sure you, and your systems are up to date and protected as fully as possible. Ask your SWITCHPOINT NV/SA Account Manager for an SLR today.

SWITCHPOINT NV/SA SLR is backed-up by our own Palo Alto Networks Cyberforce task team:

  • Posted on 25/01/2018