Cato Networks (SASE) introduction webinar 23/06/2021.

23 juni 2021


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An interactive webinar on the World’s First SASE Platform.

SWITCHPOINT NV/SA (one of the first certified Cato Networks partners in BE) is delighted to invite you to an interactive Zoom presentation on Wednesday 23/06/2021 (from 09h00 until 10h45) around the introduction and presentation of Cato Neworks SASE solution.

"Even with a large telco and lots of backup lines, we found that our MPLS went down too often. When there was an outage it could take up to two days to get up and running again"

David Brouwers - 
IT Infrastructure Manager - New Wave Group

Now more than ever, companies must secure their data everywhere, as cloud services and remote offices distribute data beyond a centralised local data centre. Today’s enterprises have more users, services, applications, and data spread across multiple cloud services. Security is a requirement at each endpoint, and SASE offers an efficient way to meet that challenge. SASE network architecture combines SD-WAN and enhanced security into one easy-to-manage cloud service. With its simplified WAN deployment and robust security, SASE is a powerful solution during this time of emerging technologies and rapid network expansion.

The advantages of SASE are numerous such as: Cost Reduction, WAN Scalability, Ease of Management, Edge 2 Edge Security, Simplified Security Model, Consistent Data Protection, Increased Network Performance, Greater Visibility and Control of Data Usage, Secure Cloud Data Access and fully SD-WAN integration. 


  • Welcome by SWITCHPOINT NV/SA.
  • Introduction & presentation Cato Networks.
  • Customer Testimonial: Discover how New Wave Group quintupled their WAN bandwidth capacity, while boosting network and application flexibility with Cato Networks.
  • Virtual Q&A

Breakfast is on the house! ;)
We don't want you to attend this early virtual event with an empty stomach. That's why we foresee a deluxe breakfast delivered at home for every participant.

Registration & participation:
Free and possible as long as the bandwidth lasts :) CLICK HERE to reserve your virtual seat.

Quick introduction to Cato Networks:

  • Posted on 23/06/2021

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