IPv6 Boot Camp Training 2018. (EN)

13 juni 2018


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IPv6 Boot Camp Training 2018.

TAlthough IPv4 still carries the majority of Internet traffic, IPv6 is the latest revision and is anticipated to carry most of the traffic in the coming years. With so much to be learned about this communications protocol, an IPv6 boot camp training course is necessary for any IT Professional in the field.

This 2-day training offers a great overview of the important facts to know about the new protocol for everybody who is involved with the integration of IPv6. It is of great value to everybody that architect’s networks, defines strategies and concepts, plans for test and pilots and evaluates IPv6 support with vendors. It also discusses coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6 as well as transition mechanisms defined which will make the integration as smooth as possible.

This training will be conducted by a renowned IPv6 Certified Trainer who brings nearly 10 years of hands-on IP experience in front of his classroom.

Agenda class training 2018:







IPv6 Boot Camp Training 2018.

2 days




Day 1 (AM):

  • The Structure of the Protocol, the IPv6 Header, and Extension Header Architecture
  • RIPE – How are the addresses distributed in Europe
  • ICMPv6 Functionality, new Message Types, Neighbour Discovery (ND), Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC), Path MTU Discovery (PMTDU), Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD)
  • Address Basics (Address Format and Prefixes, Address Types, Address Allocations)
  • Address Assignment (How does a client receive an IPv6 Address)
  • Special Addresses (used in the IPv6 space)

Day 1 (PM):

  • Afternoon labs

Day 2: (AM):

  • DHCPv6 and IPv6 address Management (IPv6 address assignment in the enterprise)
  • DNS – Reverse DNS (for IPv6)
  • Transition Mechanisms (IPv4 <> IPv6)
  • Routing Protocols (static, OSPFv3, BGP-4, RIPng, ISIS: differences with IPv4)
  • Deployment scenarios

Day 2: (PM):

  • Afternoon labs

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Target Audience:
This seminar is designed for technical decision makers, network architects and analysts, IT consultants, system and network administrators, vendors and application developers who need a well-founded overview of the full functionality and the opportunities of IPv6. Everyone that is involved in planning and integration should have a good general understanding and will profit from this overview.

IPv6 Exam:
Although this is not an Ipv6 course, students will be prepared to pass the Certified Ipv6 exam.

A good understanding of networks and TCP/IP in general is very helpful. There is no prerequirement for IPv6.

2.550,00 EURO (price per attendee including course, hand-outs & lunch, excl. 21 % VAT).

Additional notes:
This training will be conducted in Dutch or English (depending of language attendees) by a certified IPv6 trainer bringing nearly 10 years of experience in front of you. When a student leaves this intensive 2-day training they will have hands on understanding and experience IPv6.

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This training is eligible for KMO-Portefeuille:

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