Keeping Subscribers Satisfied During Broadband Architecture Migration thanks to EfficientIP IPAM/DDI

8 september 2020


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Discover how Proximus moved from centralized to decentralized BNG architecture thanks to EfficientIP IPAM/DDI solution. The key benefits for choosing and using EfficientIP IPAM/DDI solution where (and are still) multiple for Proximus.

“The product was tested in depth, with a focus on the required features, possible future needs, manageability, performance, failure scenarios, API-calls, and monitoring aspects. The solution passed with flying colors, so EfficientIP was selected at the end of the RFQ. Compared to the competitors, EfficientIP had a winning product, helped by their capability to offer a very simplified architecture made up of a much lower number of servers required, which correlated to enhanced performance and scalability.” 

Koen Van Cauwenberge - Solution Engineer responsible for transport and subscriber - management services - Proximus

CLICK HERE to download the complete case study.

  • Posted on 08/09/2020

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