31 juli 2022


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Due to constant change and the growing number of threats companies experiences, firewall security must continuously adapt to combat current threats. In response, organizations should evaluate security processes and firewall rules on a regular basis.

Firewalls have been a part of network security systems, monitoring both outgoing and incoming traffic, since the dawn of Internet. They serve as the first line of defense, helping to prevent unauthorized access and blocking certain communications based on security settings. However, just having a firewall in place is not enough. Today companies are dynamic in nature and are constantly adding new services or changing business processes. If they are not checking the firewall configuration and rules regularly, it opens those businesses up to attacks and breaches. Regular reviews help ensure a weakness in the security of the network will be found prior to exploitation and allow rules to be updated as necessary to meet technology changes or new threats.


  • Performed by high-end Fortinet or Palo Alto Networks Cyber Security Veterans with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Helps in determining whether the best standard is used
  • Improve the efficiency of firewall policies
  • Determines that there are no vulnerabilities
  • Discover issues that traditional approach cannot identify
  • Meets compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST CSF etc...


  1. Gathering Firewall security Review information
    - Network diagram- number of firewalls
    - Best standards which are used (PCI, DSS, NIST,...)
    - Critical Asset
  2. Evaluation of Rules
    - A detailed study of the existing rules which the client is practicing, details about scope, testing limitation.
  3. Execution
    - Security configuration review: Analyses the current security configuration...
    - Reviewing of Firewall rule: It says which all services and IP which the firewall has allowed
  4. Reporting
    - A full report with findings and advice is drawn up.
  5. Review of remediation & Final Report
    After the change is made based on the reporting we check wheter the faults in policies and other practices are up to the level.
    - A final report is made based upon the last reviewed details which consist of a high-level overview of a report called executive
  • Posted on 31/07/2022

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