The Dark Web Rises - dark web/Tor with Fortinet & SentinelOne Hands-on Session. (26/11/2019)

26 november 2019


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Hands-on Tor with FortiGate & SentinelOne session | SWITCHPOINT | Tuesday 26 November 2019

Today we will introduce the dark web, what it is used for, and why it may be dangerous for companies. It is being (mis)used by attackers to control your systems, bypass current security implementations, … We look at access methods with a particular focus on Tor, which will be covered in detail.

After today you will know how the Tor network works:

  • Onion routing
  • the exit/relay nodes
  • hidden services
  • bridges,

This session includes lab sessions covering:

  • Tor browser
  • How to build a Tor service
  • How to detect and block dark web traffic with a Fortigate Next Gen. Firewall.
  • Hunt for hidden Tor Services in your environment with SentinelOne

Bring your laptop as this is a hands-on session.

12h30 - Welcome & Lunch
13h00 - Start "The Dark Web Rises" session
17h00 - End & Drinks at the bar

Price & registration:
Attendance is free of charge. 
Register HERE

Industriepark 14/104
9031 Drongen

  • Posted on 26/11/2019