The value of SWITCHPOINT Managed Detection & Response services.

15 april 2021


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What Is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) denotes outsourced cybersecurity services designed to protect your data and assets even if a threat eludes common organizational security controls. An MDR security platform is considered an advanced 24/7 security control that often includes a range of fundamental security activities including cloud-managed security for organizations that cannot maintain their own security operations center. MDR services combine advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and human expertise in incident investigation and response deployed at the host and network levels.

Why You Need MDR Services For Your Cybersecurity Plan?
MDR came as a successor of MSS with advanced offers and security intelligence, because of the need for companies who lack the financial and time resources to be more prepared for risks, improving their ability to swiftly detect and respond to cybersecurity threats. It is predicted that 20% of mid sized businesses and bigger corporations will be using MDR services by 2021- a big leap from the less than 1% of companies that are currently using them. This is because MDR in cybersecurity will provide more security help than other services. 

Here are five reasons why you need SWITCHPOINT MDR services for your cybersecurity plan:  

1. Detection of Advanced Threat: Unlike security monitoring services offered by MSSPs and other security providers, SWITCHPOINT MDR is proactive. There is an instant hunt down function that utilizes advanced behavioral and high-tech endpoint analytics and statistics to hunt for unknown threats before they obtain your company’s database and network. SWITCHPOINT MDR enhances your company’s ability to automatically detect the latest threat act that preventative cybersecurity solutions such as antivirus and firewalls software may easily miss.

2. Thorough Threat Investigation and Verification: Efficient MDR services do not just hunt for threats, they also do thorough investigation and verification. This is to avoid “false alarms” of cyber-attacks that may waste valuable time, resources, and manpower. This is more effective than the traditional managed service that simply passes unverified alerts. Before an alert is brought to the attention of your in-house security team, every alert is thoroughly investigated to ensure it is a genuine incident that requires immediate action. See example below of SWITCHPOINT MDR in action:

3. Fully Certified Experts: SWITCHPOINT MDR service offer certified expertise that many organizations may lack internally due to the cost. By choosing SWITCHPOINT MDR, you can be certain that your network is under the close watch of experienced cybersecurity professionals who are actively committed to the success of your company’s cyberspace security. By opting for SWITCHPOINT all-in-one MDR service, you reduce the burden of in-house security team recruitment and the huge financial cost of purchasing technologies. Through our MDR service you get a complete threat detection and response packages at an affordable fee.

4. All Technology and Intelligence Included and Regulated Compliance: Unlike many MSSPs, SWITCHPOINT MDR supply all the required latest security technologies needed to facilitate successful threat detection and response like intrusion detection, cyberspace vulnerability scanning, analytics of cyberspace behavioral patterns, and endpoint analytics. We also ensure your cyber-defense procedures are compliant with regulatory bodies. We will help review your processes and ensure best practices following regulatory compliance at all times.

5. Integrated Incident Response: In the event of a breach happening, SWITCHPOINT MDR service ensure every event is monitored and managed by a team of dedicated security experts that have the knowledge and toolset to shut down threats before they cause damage to your business. This will help focus the attention of your in-house teams on shutting down threats, rather than the complex and resource-intensive task of discovering them. SWITCHPOINT MDR provides the assistance needed to rapidly eliminate threats and address vulnerabilities. According to research from the Ponemon Institute, it takes up to 191 days to identify a cyberspace and data breach. With SWITCHPOINT MDR, the detection time is reduced to minutes, which speeds up quick mitigation incidents before they cause disruption.

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  • Posted on 15/04/2021

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