Webinar: Lessons learned and best practices straight from SWITCHPOINT NV/SA Rapid Response Team.

31 maart 2021


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Real stories and experience shared from the Frontline...

Few companies are aware that SWITHPOINT NV/SA has acquired a massive experience around Incident Response over the years.

From customers who were completely distraught up to completely eradicated IT infrastructures. Yes! Believe us... We've seen a lot in a very short time!

Did you know that in 2020 the SWITCHPOINT NV/SA Rapid Response Team was involved in 3 major cyber incidents (Ransomware targetted attacks) in BE?

We invite you on 31/03/2021 from 16h00 up to 17h00 to attend a unique 1-hour webinar during which we'll share with you our gained expertise, knowledge as well as best practices.

Amongst our gained expertise, knowledge and best practices we'll cover other topics such as:

  • Planning for a Ransomware Incident
  • Responding to a Ransomware Incident
  • Reducing your attack surface
  • How SWITCHPOINT NV/SA can help you?

And maybe we'll find a company ready to testify and share their experience.

You can reserve your participation through this URL. Pay attention! Reservation does not mean that you are automatically admitted. A registration link will be shared with you upon admission.

  • Posted on 31/03/2021

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