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Online Security Awareness Training 2018. (EN)

18 januari 2018

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Enable your human firewall...

Employees are often the weakest link in an organization’s security posture, with breaches increasingly being traced back to employee behavior. Traditional approaches to cybersecurity training are not sufficient in today’s changing work environment. Dull videos, lengthy PowerPoint presentations, and even classroom sessions fail to provide the level of knowledge retention needed to protect your employees and the organization. Employees are being exposed to more dangerous and well thought out attacks. End users (your employees) need to be aware of these threats and know how they can protect themselves and the organization against them.

Online Security Awareness Training for end users:
We provide interactive, engaging and memorable online Security Awareness Training for your end users. Our online training methodology uses proven learning science principles. Employees work through interactive topics and are provided with immediate feedback to reinforce the good habits they have learned. Topics included: passwords, public WiFi, email, software, Internet, viruses and malware, risks in the use of ICT and company resources, social media, privacy and online work, social engineering, safe behavior and GDPR.

Founded in 2006, SWITCHPOINT NV/SA provides an extensive range of disruptive IT infrastructure solutions and services across multiple industries. By deploying the most skilled architects and engineers in the industry, we work closely with our customers to deliver solutions of the highest quality in the most cost-effective way. The key principle upon which SWITCHPOINT NV/SA was founded is as apparent today as when it was first established; namely to help medium and large sized companies to resolve tomorrow's IT infrastructure challenges through trusted advisors and disruptive IT solutions.

Online Security Awareness Training benefits:

  • No organizational or individual hassles
  • Simple and easy to setup
  • Fully web based
  • Customized
  • Multilingual
  • Various modules and topics
  • Cost-effective
  • The solution is backed up by World’s largest dedicated IT training company

"A number of employees said they repeated the exercises with a family member because they found it to be new and useful information. You can't get better than that from security training." 

Director of Operations
Large Manufacturing Company


Additional information and pricing:
CLICK HERE to download our product datasheet.

This training is eligible for KMO-Portefeuille:

  • Posted on 18/01/2018

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