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Securing the public cloud: best practices with Sophos Cloud Optix.

8 juni 2021

Events & Training

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How to secure AWS, Azure and GCP.

Spinning up new instances in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is simple. The hard part for operations, security, development, and compliance teams is keeping track of the data, workloads, and architecture changes in those environments to keep everything secure. While public cloud providers are responsible for the security of the cloud (the physical datacenters, and the separation of customer environments and data), responsibility for securing the workloads and data you place in the cloud lies firmly with you. Just as you need to secure the data stored in your on-premises networks, so you need to secure your cloud environment. Misunderstandings around this distribution of ownership is widespread and the resulting security gaps have made cloud-based workloads the new pot of gold for today’s savvy hackers.

Join us together with Sophos during this 60 minutes webinar where we'll show you how Sophos Cloud Optix can Identify vulnerabilities, ensure compliance, and respond to threats faster. Cloud Optix provides a complete picture of cloud resources and configurations across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and infrastructure-as-code environments. This enable your security teams to focus on and fix critical security vulnerabilities before they are identified and exploited in cyberattacks.

Time and date:

  • Zoom meeting on 08/06/2021 from 16h00 until 17h00.

Free and possible as long as the bandwidth lasts :) CLICK HERE to reserve your virtual seat.

Curious about how SWITCHPOINT has helped the Niko Group to automate Cloud Security with Sophos.
CLICK HERE to download the case study. 

Quick introduction toward Sophos Cloud Optix:

  • Posted on 08/06/2021

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