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Webinar: Cyber Threats 2K20 with Eddy Willems | SentinelOne | SWITCHPOINT NV/SA.

26 november 2020

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Featuring double customer testimonial (Torfs & Valtech Group) & live hacking session...

SWITCHPOINT NV/SA & SentinelOne are more than thrilled to invite you to an exclusive Zoom webinar on 26th November from  09h00 until 11h00 together  with Cyber Security Evangelist Mr. Eddy Willems.

Join us during this interactive webinar and discover:

  • How easy it was for Eddy's wife to buy a brand new Glock 17 on the Dark Web.
  • The evolution of the threat landscape and how to protect against it.
  • Why more and more enterprises rely on SentinelOne technology. (Customer testimonial)
  • How a hacker with basic hacking abilities can easily deceive a company into breaking down it’s defenses. 

 Registration and participation is free of charge. But seats are limited.

 REGISTER HERE to join this webinar.


  • My wife and the… Dark Web by Eddy Willems
  • The changing IT & Threat landscape | Trends in cyberdefense | How to protect the endpoints against advanced unknown threats.
  • Customer Testimonial | Why our company chose SentinelOne
  • Live Hacking session

 REGISTER HERE to join this webinar.

 PS: Every attendee will receive a free copy of Eddy Willems latest sci-fi novel "Het Virus"

  • Posted on 26/11/2020

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